Make it easy! The AHP online tool you need to make decisions!

Just define a goal, the alternatives you have, the criterias and invite evaluators that will participate to make the decission.

AHP methodology

Analytic hierarchy process online tool

Invite colleagues

Your Colleagues can participate to make a Collaborative decision sending an invitation to them.

Get a Report

Get a final report with Statistics and fancy Charts! Include them in your presentation!

easyAHP demo version is here!

easyAHP demo Version is open! Follow the next link to Register and start using the tool!

Start using easyAHP! the AHP Methodology tool!


easyAHP is free to use! Now only the Demo version is available. 

If a pro version is needed, contact us and be part of easyAHP development!

$ 0
  • Up to 3 criterias
  • Up to 3 alternatives
  • Up to 5 evaluators
$ 99
  • Up to 15 criterias
  • Up to 15 alternatives
  • Unlimited evaluators
  • BUY IT


Daniel Fernández Martín

Daniel Fernández Martín

Creator of easyAHP


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