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easyAHP demo is ready to use! ?>

easyAHP demo is ready to use!

It’s April! and as we promised easyAHP demo version is here to be used for all the people that needs to make a decision using AHP methodology. We have invited a group of experts in order to use the demo version and provide feedback and then work to achieve the Standard Version as soon as possible. But this tool is open for everyone, so register and start playing with the system. This demo version has some limitations: Limit of 3…

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Analytic hierarchy process used for many different uses cases, also in Football! ?>

Analytic hierarchy process used for many different uses cases, also in Football!

Decision making using AHP methodology involves ranking alternatives based on defined criterias for a specific goal We have found a lot of different ways the users are working with this decision-making process. From using a simple Excel Sheet, or MatLab, or self-programmed tools to online tools that you provede the matrixs and it gives you the alternatives ranking. With easyAHP we want to extend these tool to the next level allowing multiple users/experts to participate in the same decision. And when…

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New Website Design ?>

New Website Design

We would like to announce that a new webpage design has been developed. After now here you will find the last news about easyAHP: an online tool for group decision-making using the AHP method! AHP: analytic hierarchy process, is a methodology for making, organizing and analyzing complex decisions, based on mathematics and psychology. It was developed by Thomas L. Saaty in the 1970s. In the tool, just define a goal, the alternatives you have and  the criterias. Then invite evaluators by…

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